How to take care of your lawn this winter season!!

Lawn MAintenance SErvice: Start growing a green lawn today!!

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Follow the below instructions, you will see the difference.


Firstly, with a spreader apply fertilizer. As you move the machine back and forth over the grass, grip the handle like a trigger, it releases pellets when you “shoot.” Do follow the instructions on the fertilizer package and apply only the recommended amount because too much fertilizer can burn your grass.

Aerate the Lawn

Secondly, provide some extra air for grassroots by aerating your lawn. Use a spade to take out spikes of soil across your lawn to make holes for planting seeds. If your lawn is large, you might want to rent a motorized aerator or a manual one.

Spread Cool-Weather Grass Seed

Thirdly, go and purchase grass seed that says “cool season” or “cool weather” on the package, such as most fescues. Sprinkle the seed evenly over the lawn with the same spreader you used for the fertilizer.

Rake and Water the Lawn

Fourthly, drag a rake over the lawn to break up soil clumps and cover the seeds a bit. Water the lawn with the garden hose spray. After that, keep the soil moist, don’t let it dry out.

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