3 ways to give some love to your lawn this Valentine’s day!!

February 14th is around the corner and it’s that time of the year for big romantic gestures, cards and lots of sweets to show how much you care. So, why don’t you show some love your lawn deserves?


We show you how in three simple ways to take care of your lawn and love it. Read on for more.

Winter can be the worst season for your backyard. It lays dormant and covered under several inches of snow. The grass can go greenish-yellow, and we have to wait patiently for spring. However, lawncare doesn’t end in the winter.

Aerate the lawn

Provide some extra air for roots by aerating your garden this winter. Use a spade to take out the spiked soil and make holes for planting seeds. If your lawn is big, you can rent a motorized aerator or call an expert to make your job easy.

Keep it clean

Keeping your lawn clean is the most important thing to do in winter. Remove the dried leaves, dirt, debris or toys. They can smother the grass and cause disease, invite mice, incest and other damaging pests. So what are you waiting for!! Show your love for your lawn by keeping it clean and healthy this winter.


It is a layer of organic matter that can build up between leaves and the soil. These contain dead leaves, grass and root stems. This build-up can create a blockage, preventing moisture and nutrients from absorbing into the soil and down to the roots. These areas are easy to identify as the ground will have a spongy feel and the lack of essential nutrients will cause dullness and dead patches on the lawn.

While February might seem like a bleak winter month, there’s nothing to stop you from putting some of your best strategies to take care of your lawn and show them all the love they deserve. Clean it!!