3 tips to keep your grass greener this summer.

Did your lawn take a beating in the previous year? Now is the perfect time to start planning to keep your lawn looking good!  Heat may have affected your lawn, making it brown and hard to look at. But there are things you can do that will help in keeping your lawn green.

lawn care maintenance

1. Keep Your Grass Long

Remembering to keep your lawn cut at about 3 inches or higher is important to keep your lawn healthy. And by doing this helps to keep the soil shaded from the summer heat, which can help prevent weeds from growing and diseases from forming and spreading.

2. Get a Soil Test

If your grass is constantly thin and patchy, it may be due to a problem with the soil and not necessarily with the grass itself though. A soil test may be a good idea to determine the problem and to find out if any treatments are needed. Correcting the soil deficiencies with a few treatments will help to bring your lawn around.

3. Proper Treatments Throughout the Year

Future summers will benefit from proper maintenance of the lawn, specifically in the fall months. With the temperatures dropping and the rain falling, aeration, seeding, and top dressing are important for maintaining and helping to prepare it.

This is a great time to overseed!  With the plugs that are created, the seed falls into the holes and begins to grow. Again aeration and overseeding are not a cure-all for bare areas in lawns. For areas where bare ground exists, slice seeding would be the best option.

Similarly, don’t forget to water, because if the seed is not kept moist, even the best seeding job will not be successful without proper moisture. Just remember, fall seeding will give you the best opportunity for a successful lawn!

Regardless, keeping your Lawn Green is your ultimate Motto!!!