Eco-friendly practices for your lawn this summer

citrus county lawn care services by Nathan

          A healthy lawn is important for everyone, and everyone can contribute by making wise choices about lawn care this summer.

           Usually in many cases eco-friendly maintenance is easier and cost effective than more harmful chemical ones. they also produce greener and healthier gardens which helps in the long term lawn maintenance.

           There are many ways to maintain your lawn and garden through eco-friendly practices. Here are the 5 ways to take care of your lawn this summer.

1. Leave grass cuttings.

            After cutting the grass in the lawn, let them remain where they are. They quickly decompose into the soil thereby providing the essential nutrients and act as a natural fertilizer and save you the need to add chemical fertilizers.

            This way you can contribute your part to the environment. This is a boon because the natural fertilizers reduce atmospheric pollutants. Grass cuttings also benefit the soil by adding nitrogen and acting as a moisture barrier. Leaving cuttings on the lawn is a win-win for the lawn, the environment and whoever cuts the grass.

2. Rainwater Irrigation.

            Ever considered about rainwater conservation? Well, you might want to consider it as it is one of the most eco-friendly ways to take care of your lawn.

           The best way to water your lawn is to sit under your covered porch and let the rainstorm do your job. Since that doesn’t happen as frequently as lawns need, we often resort to man-made irrigation.

           But there are some ways to help your lawn in times of need. You can harvest rain water and store it in drums for future use. It’s quite actually simple. All you need to do is catch it as it flows out of your gutter downspouts. You can buy elaborate systems or make you own rainwater collection system using food-grade plastic barrels. You might need electric pump to create enough water to power an irrigation system. It’s one of the fool proof ways to reduce water wastage and is definitely eco-friendly.

3. Use of Bio-pesticides.

          According to the environmental protection agency, there’s some danger to humans and other living creatures from chemical pesticides. But what if you could control pests without harming the environment?

         Biopesticides are growing in popularity due to their innate properties. A bio pesticide is a chemical made from natural elements that control the insects rather than kill it. Some pesticides contain scents that lure insects into traps. Then, within days, bacteria grow and kill the grubs from within.

4. Compost.

         If your lawn care company does landscaping, then you know how pricey fertilizer and other needed resources for successful planting can get. Since you run a company, then chances are you and your employees create a decent amount of waste; enough waste for you to begin composting thereby creating free, nutrient-filled fertilizer.

          You can also consider going to your local farm and request to purchase their compost if the items you’ve composted aren’t enough for your lawn care contracts. Chances are you’ll get a better price for the same amount that you would get at a distributor for name brand fertilizer that essentially does the same thing.

5. Plant a no mow lawn.

          Turning your lawn care business into an eco-friendly powerhouse will take an innovative approach, so who said anything about a traditional lawn?

          Talk to your clients to see if they would like to tear out their existing lawn and switch it for a no-mow lawn. A no-mow lawn is a drought-tolerant, lush green carpet of grass that can grow in full sun or partial shade.

          The benefits of a no-mow lawn are that it establishes quickly and forms a thick flowing carpet of grass. Additionally, it requires very little watering and will only need to be mowed once or twice a year. 

          Remember that many of the ways mentioned above will help you go and remain eco-friendly and not only benefits your lawn health but also the environment. Our team is trusted and reliable. We provide professional services for our residential and commercial customers all over Citrus County. At Sargent’s Family Lawncare we understand that a good first impression is a key to adding to the value of your property, and a good power washing couple times a year can add a good value to your property.