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Lawn Care Services


Proper lawn maintenance is vital for the long-term health of your lawn. In addition to trimming, appropriate mowing and watering practices must occur so your lawn will have a healthy root system, be more drought-tolerant and be able to resist pests and disease.

If you’re ready for a greener, healthier lawn, contact Sargent Family Lawn care! 

With decades of experience and friendly service, we’re here to help you get your lawn looking its absolute best!

Moreover, a well-kept garden gives your house great curb appeal and creates an excellent impression in the minds of passers-by and visitors, not to mention the immense joy and enjoyment it will provide your family members.

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Fertilization & Pest Control

Fertilized Lawns are Happy Lawns!!! All lawns want to be free of pests and needs nutrients to survive and once in a while they need a little help to survive. However, we can customise different design programs to help them grow to their fullest potential.

Mulch, Soil, Stones And Dirt

Let us shovel it for you! Take back your weekend and let Sargent’s team install the mulch, soil or decorative rock of your choice.

Tree Care

Sargent’s Family Lawn Care is a professional tree service, locally owned and operated, serving Citrus County and the surrounding areas since generations. We provide tree care services like tree planting, pruning, shrub Trimming, stump grinding and tree wellness program.

Shrubs & Hedging

Proper trimming of hedges and bushes will enhance the look of your property and will help maintain the health of your plants. Our team are experts in maintaining shrubs and hedges to Improve your lawn’s appearance and promote your plant’s health.

Trimming Services

We won’t simply cut your grass and trim your shrubs, also we’ll manicure them! 

Sargent’s family lawn care offers complete maintenance program with many options to fit your needs.

We specialize in residential lawn care, trimming, shrubs and woods clearing.

Weed Control

Prevention is the key to long lasting health. Weeds are always popping when you are not looking.

So, it’s always better to stop weeds before they grow rather than waiting for it to sprout and had a chance to set roots and grow stronger.

Above all, our weed control specialists are experts in the weeds native to your region and the weed removal treatments that work best to remove them.

Power washing

All kinds of exteriors need to be washed to get rid of accumulated dirt, mold. Dust and Spider Webs. Have your house, driveway & pool area washed by our professionals.


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